A Father’s Pride

As a company we are passionate about focusing on the big moments of a wedding. Often these moments are similar from wedding to wedding. Things like the first kiss, the wedding vows, the first dance and a proud father walking his daughter down the aisle. For one of our weddings though this father’s pride was something to behold. This father’s journey held incredible meaning for the whole family. We knew this big moment would be an incredible one the very first time we met with the whole family for the creative meeting. You see, Mr. Muste had been in a terrible car accident with his wife many months prior to the wedding day. He was in a wheel chair the first time we met. Doctors had informed him that he would probably never walk again, but he knew better. Pronouncing with pride and confidence that he would do what it takes to get his legs back under him in time for the wedding day.

The scene of Mr. Muste standing to his feet and walking Nikki down the aisle with the aid of his son is one that will be forever etched in my mind. It was a beautiful representation of a father’s pride and love for his daughter. “Today your mother and I stand together to see you become husband and wife.”